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Swimming Pool Salt

Swimming Pool Salt for pools with salt water chlorinators. Available in 25kg bags.


bioguard sanitizersBioguard Sanitizers

Used to kill bacteria, the products being Synergy System Tabs, Smart Tabs, Swim Tabs, Swim Clear Floater, Ultraswim & Varitab.

bioguard oxidizersBioguard Oxidizers

These products keep water sparkling and are namely Lite, Synergy System Clear & Burn Out

bioguard cleanersBioguard Cleaners

Used to keep pool surfaces, covers and filters looking like new. Products in this range are Salt Cell Cleaner, Off the Wall and Strip kwik

bioguard AlgaecidesBioguard Algaecides

Kills, controls or prevents algae. Products are Algae Killer, MSA II Algaecide, Algi Shield & Back Up.

bioguard water enhancersBioguard Water Enhancers

These products clear up cloudy water and are namely Polysheen Blue, Super Clear, Kwik Clear, Alum Powder, Sparkle Up & Pool Velvet.

Bioguard BalancersBioguard Balancers

Adjusts the pH, metals, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and stabilizer. Products in this range are Balance Pak 100, Balance Pak 200, Balance Pak 300, Lo ‘n Slo, Sun Shield, Pool Magnet & Scale Inhibitor.


Waterwell BalancersWaterwell Balancers

To raise the Total Alkalinity and pH in swimming pools.

Waterwell SanitizersWaterwell Sanitizers

Sanitising is a key step to fighting bacteria and algae.

Waterwell AlgaecidesWaterwell Algaecides

Sta Blue is a multi-functional preventative algaecide which protects against all types of algae.

Waterwell OxidisersWaterwell Oxidisers

Use oxidizers to shock the water and chemically destroy the organic contaminants introduced by bathers and the environment. Restore water clarity and eliminates the main cause of eye and nose irritation.

Waterwell EnhancersWaterwell Enhancers

Clear Blue is a liquid flocculent used to settle suspended particles for vacuuming out of the pool.

ChlorGuard SP14100 FBSpeciality

Chlor-Guard prevents the chlorine in the pool from being dissipated by sunlight.


Hth Sanitizers

Hth sanitizers effectively kill bacteria in swimming pools. Available in Granular and Floater form …
Complete Care for Sparkling Blue, Crystal Clear Water.